• [su_spoiler title="INSTITUTIONAL RO SYSTEM" style="default" open="yes"] MODEL NAME: 50 LT/HR. MRP: 38500.00 [su_table]

    Technical Specification

    1. Capacity: 50 ltrs/hr.
    2. Compact Institutional RO System with Automatic Flushing.
    3. Consist with 2 nos. of DY 250 GPD booster pump and 5 nos .of DOW FilmTec RO Membranes
    4. For an institutional size of 25 to 100 persons.
    5. Duty cycle: 500 ltrs/day i.e. 6~8 hrs/da.
    6. TDS Rejection: 93.3%
    7. Permissible input water quality (TDS Max.): 2000 ppm
    8. Dimensions: W 485 x D 300 x H 840.


    1. for Purity, Health, Taste, Convenience & Economical to use
    2. Convenience of bottled water within your own premises.
    3. No more risk of purchasing spurious bottled water.
    4. No more hassles of stocking and carrying of bottles.
    5. With your own IRO system running pure water 24 hrs a day, you can have as much as pure water all you want, at the touch of the finger. Free to use fresh, clear & safe drinking water